Linda Naaman

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I’m a 68 year old woman with osteoporosis who never thought I’d get into an exercise group, but now it’s been over three years that I’ve been working with Kyle! I’m more alert and generally feel better. My bone density has increased as well as my balance and flexibility. Also my so called “dowager’s hump”, that rounded upper back so common in us older women with osteo, is lessening as my posture and core strengthens. Kyle is excellent about respecting my limits when something is initially too hard for me, then finding ways to work up to it in gradual steps. I’m now in a group of 8 and have made some new friends and working in these small group classes makes personal training much more affordable and keeps me motivated. Kyle is professional, knowledgeable, and delightful to work with. He provides a well rounded program for each of us in the group which is adapted to our personal levels. While he has plenty of great equipment at his place, he has also taught us many things I can do at home without specialized equipment.

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