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I’m 62 and in the best shape in the last 30 years. In 2012 I first focused on improving my heath after a cardiac event — My weight was 328. I’ve worked with Kyle as a personal trainer for a number of years with a goal of weight loss and overall improved fitness. What we’ve accomplished since Mid-January is to go from 268 to 178 lbs — 46 waist to 35.5 —- I couldn’t be happier!!


Kyles approach to training is tailoring programs to your individual goals, strengths and weaknesses. We’ve been using video sessions since April and frankly I prefer the individual attention and lack of distractions of gyms.

What worked for me is consistent workouts, I do every other day with Kyle and on the off days do additional cardio. At one point this Spring I worked out 100 straight days —- “there is no other answer but put in the work” Nutrition — Eat smart, lot’s of veggies — Low carb & Diary — No processed prepared foods — stay away from high fructose “It’s poison” Fad diets are not sustainable.

Kyle is a great Coach & Trainer .

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